I Mille occhi segnalano l'importante evento in omaggio all'artista scomparsa, cara al festival. 


Conceded with courtesy of the artist's estate and Kalfayan Galleries (Athens - Thessaloniki)


Opening: 15th May 2014, 20h

Curators: Gordana Dobrić and Svetlana Mladenov

This exhibition gives the deepest insight into the opus of well known Yugoslav, Croatian and European artist Breda Beban. It was organised as a cooperation of Cultural Centre Belgrade and Museum of Contemporary Art Vojvodina with Seecult portal for art and culture of South-Eastern Europe and will take place in Belgrade, Novi Sad and Banja Luka in the Museum of Contemporary Art of Republika Srpska. The artist's most important video works and films, produced between 1991 and 2012, will be presented - in total 19 video works, video installations and films, as well as two photo-projects: the cycle Arte vivo (2008-2011) which includes 13 colour photographs and series I lay on the bed waiting for his heart to stop beating which includes 36 colour photographs, taken between 1991 and 1997.


Breda Beban was visual artist, cineaste and curator/creative producer whose work focuses on contemporary terms of subjectivity and emotions that occur at the margins of great narratives on geography, politics and love. Films and photographs by Breda Beban are considered to be unique expression of intimacy, venerability and authenticity. Born in Novi Sad, in former Yugoslavia, Breda Beban grew up in Macedonia and Croatia. She studied painting at the Academy of Fine Arts in Zagreb, beginning her career as a painter and performance artist. Since the middle of 1980s, when she met her partner in life and art, Hrvoje Horvatić, she had begun working with film, video and photography. When the war started in former Yugoslavia in 1991, they emigrated together and travelled from town to town till they finally settled in London where they lived together till Horvatić passed away in 1997. Working independently or in collaboration with other artists and film-makers, Breda Beban created a number of works that were exhibited in the most important museums of contemporary art in Europe and USA. She lived in London and Sheffield, where she lectured on media art at the Sheffield Hallam University. She passed away in 2012, leaving many projects unfinished.

Supported by: Ministry for Culture and Information of Republic Serbia, Provincial Secretariat for Culture and Public Relations, City Belgrade - Secretariat for Culture, McCann Beograd.


The organisers are greatly thankful to Breda Beban's family, Dubravka Cherubini from Trieste and Kalfayan Galleries (Athens - Thessaloniki), Giuliana Carbi from Trieste Contemporanea, curator Branko Franceschi from Zagreb, curator Miha Colner from Ljubljana and many other friends of Breda Beban from Belgrade and London for their invaluable help during the realisation of the project.


The exhibition will run until 15 June.


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